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9 . How to calculate the replacement discount?

If we find any item, in your order, that is short-of-stock, we'll send an email to inform you that you can go to "My Account" to Select Replacement at our site-the advantage of doing this:

1) The Replacement Items are in stock and can be sent out within 48 hours;

2) You can enjoy additional 20% ~30% off according to the out-of-stock sum.

Please note that the maximum replacement amount you can enjoy 20% ~30% off (the discount is up to different order preparing time, more longer you wait, more discount) is calculated on the total amount of short-of-stock items, if you want to select more replacement exceeding the short-of-stock sum, you will need to pay the balance. See the examples below:

e.g. There're 3 items are out of stock in your order, the total price of the 3 items is $200, so

       >Short-of-Stock Sum: $200

        >The Maximium Replacement Sum that addtitional 20% off discount will be applied to is $200

        > The Maximum Replacement Redemption: 200x20%=$40


   1) If you select  replacement which cost $180; So

          Replacement Sum: $180       

         The Replacement Redemption: 180x20%=$36

         We need to refund you 200-180+36=$56


2) If you go to select replacement which cost $300; So         

           Replacement Sum: $300

           The Replacement Redemption: 200x20%=$40

           You still need to pay us: 300-200-40=$60

Note: The above statement will not include the freight. If the weight has changed after you make the replacement, our system will recount the shipping fee.

        By the way, the discount of 20% is only for the value of goods, not including shipping fee.


How to select the replacement items? Please click here for the details.


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