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2 . What are you providing?

1. Jewelry Beads, Findings & Gems

   As a Squaretrade verified seller, we mainly provide beads, findings, jewelry and various oriental items, in retail or wholesale.

2. Processing Services

    In China, the cost of processing products is very little, but also with high quality. Pandahall provides various kinds of processing services, which can lessen your cost of producing products. We can process many products including jewelry, beads packaging, chains cutting, gifts and so on.

3. Shopping bags/gift boxes design and/or produce.

    We can produce the bags according to your requirements of the designs.

4. Sourcing products

    PandaHall can source products for you in China. Just let us know what you are looking for; we can source all the information including the prices, the suppliers in China for you as soon as possible.

5. Poster/Flyer/Envelope Design and/or Printing

   When you need a poster to announce an event, to aid in teaching or to communicate research  results, our professional staff will be able to help. 

  One of our trained staff will work with you to create a file. You provide basic elements such as text, tables or graphs, photos and diagrams and we will create an attractive and professional looking poster. Posters are printed only when the client is satisfied and has approved all elements. You can also provide your own design.



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