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15 . Do you offer FREE Shipping?

Yes. We do offer FREE Shipping by Sea Freight for UK, Canada, France, Australia, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Finland,   Norway, Spain, Italy,Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippine as follows:

        1) FREE Shipping Cost;;

        2) 15~30 Working days;

        3) Min. Weight of your order is above 300KG;

        4) Only charge 160USD/order for handling fee;

        When you pick up the products at your local port, you need to pay the customs for the handling fee, document fee, detention fee etc.

       You can contact  your local forwarder for the details.

If the gross weight of your order is above 300kg and you do not need the goods urgently, we suggest you ship the goods via sea freight. We now offer FREE shipping charge for sea freight, we only charge USD160.00 each shipment for the handling fee.  NO shipping cost. You can choose the nearest international sea port and check out the order, we will send you the invoice. Sea freight taking about 15~30 working days to arrive at destination port depends on the distance. But to ship by sea freight you need to pick up goods from your local sea port and need to do custom clearance and pay some duty etc., as for duty, there are different rules in different Countries, if you want to know detailed information, you'd better check with your agent or local custom.


Maybe the following content make you more clearly.
China Part: send out the order through container to you, free shipping only take USD160 handling fee.

While the order is leaving from
, we will be not in charge of the shipping. But when the order arrives at you, you should do the custom clearance, duties and VAT payment.. etc, after that, you can ship them to your home. But if you feel this is very complicated, I personally advice you employ one shipping agency to do the custom clearance and some things with port, door to door shipment. If you have familiar shipping agency, you can please tell us when we prepare to send the order out. If you do not have any familiar shipping agency and want us to find one for you, we can do that, but the cost will be quoted, which is not included in the USD160 handling fee. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.


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