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  • (Toho code TR-15-554) TOHO Japanese Seed Beads, Round, 15/0, (554) Galvanized Lavender, 1x1.5mm, Hole: 0.6mm, about 3000pcs/10g

  • Price/Package: 2,59€
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(Toho code TR-15-554) TOHO Japanese Seed Beads, Round, 15/0, (554) Galvanized Lavender

Size: about 1.5mm wide, 1mm long, hole: 0.6mm; about 3000pcs/10g.

TOHO is the finest manufacture of glass beads in Japan. TOHO means 'Eastern Treasure' in English. They are favored for their high quality, precision crafting, and uniformity in size. Toho's round seed beads are manufactured with a slightly larger hole than other seed beads, making them the bead of choice for advanced bead weaving techniques that require multiple passes of thread through each bead. It gives you more variety of bead works.Toho beads come in a vast array of colors and finishes that are sure to inspire your bead weaving projects.

Priced per 10 g

Please Note: The color may be slightly different from the picture because of different display device.

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