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  • DIY 5D Owl Pattern Diamond Painting Kits, with Resin Rhinestones, Diamond Sticky Pen, Tray Plate and Glue Clay, 300x300x0.4mm

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  • 2 Days
    Shipping Weight: 211(g)
  • Specification Size Info

    Size 300x300x0.4mm
    Material Plastic, Resin
    Classification Diamond Painting Kits
    Package Size 2 Sets per package


DIY 5D Owl Pattern Diamond Painting Kits, with Resin Rhinestones, Diamond Sticky Pen, Tray Plate and Glue Clay, Owl Pattern


Painting Canvas: about 11.81 inch(300mm) wide, 11.81 inch(300mm) long, 0.02 inch(0.4mm) thick, 1pc;

Tray Plate: about 1.85 inch(47mm) wide, 3.50 inch(89mm) long, 0.35 inch(9mm) thick, 1pc;

Diamond Sticky Pen: about 0.28 inch(7mm) in diameter, 4.90 inch(124.5mm) long, 1pc;

Glue Clay: about 0.79 inch(20mm) wide, 0.79 inch(20mm) long, 0.08 inch(2mm) thick, 1pc;

Rhinestone: Round: about 0.10x0.04 inch(2.5x1mm), 7bags; Round: about 0.20x0.06 inch(5x1.5mm), 1bags; Teardrop: about 0.14x0.08x0.04 inch(3.5x2x1mm), 1bag; Teardrop: about 0.24x0.16x0.04 inch(6x4x1mm), 1bag; Teardrop: about 0.43x0.26x0.12 inch(11x6.5x3mm), 2bags; Oval: about 0.24x0.12x0.04 inch(6x3x1mm), 1bag; Oval: about 0.37x0.20x0.08 inch(9.5x5x2mm), 1bag.


● All Inclusive Kit: Comes with all the necessary items that you would need to start drill painting.

● Vivid Diamond Painting Pattern: The surface of the twinkling drills has 16 plane, which makes the 5G owl diamond painting patterns looks vivid and shining in the light, great gifts for kids, niece, nephew, grandsons, granddaughters.

● Nice Gifts for Kids: It will take some time to finish such an equisite art kit for kids, so when finishing, they will have a great sense of achievement, facilitating them to bulid self-efficacy and easily become more and more confident in the future. Meanwhile, it take up kids' game hours and incease more time of parent-children interaction.

● Application: The finished works can be framed as an interior decor in your living room or bedroom, or as a special gifts for your friends.

● Tips: It is diamonds painting by symbol.

Priced per 2 Sets

Please Note: The color may be slightly different from the picture because of different display device.

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