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  • Natural Aquamarine Beads Strands, Chips, 5~8x5~8mm, Hole: 1mm, about 31.5 inch

  • Price/Package: 48,42€
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Natural Aquamarine Beads Strands, Chips

Size: about 5~8mm wide, 5~8mm long, hole: 1mm; about 31.5 inch.

Spiritual Properties of Aquamarine: Aquamarine is a gemstone with remarkable metaphysical properties that are ideal for anyone seeking protection, improved communication, and a sense of calm. This soothing gemstone can help reduce stress and anxiety, while also enhancing mental clarity and focus. Its protective energy can help shield against negative energy, while also promoting emotional healing. Aquamarine is also known to have a positive effect on the throat chakra, enhancing communication and self-expression.

※ Please note that there is no specific scientific evidence to prove the therapeutic effects of stones, but gemstone therapy meditation may induce a placebo effect that helps you relax the mind.

Priced per 10 Strands

Please Note: The color may be slightly different from the picture because of different display device.


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