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6 . How to make a payment for my order via credit card?

There are two ways to pay by credit card.


Through our site (Global Collect):

Step 1: Login to your account on our website

Step 2. Click "Make Payment" button beside the Order No. you want to pay

Step 3: Choose the payment method "Credit/Debit Card"

Step 4: Fill in Card No, Expiration Date and Security Code, and then click the icon “pay now“


Though PayPal:

Step 1: Login to the PayPal official website www.paypal.com
Step 2. Click the tab ''send money" at the top of homepage
Step 3. In the “send money now” at the right side, please fill in all the information that is requested, and click "continue" button, then you will be taken to the page for filling your Credit or Debit Card information and finish the payment.


Note: Our PayPal email address is [email protected]


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