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3 . Wire & Cord

Elastic Wire - is flexible and adjustable. It is often used for bracelets, necklaces and is a beader's favorite as it only requires a square knot to finish and maybe a touch of glue.

Memory Wire - is a pre-coiled stainless steel wire that retains its shape. Very popular for wine charm markers and bracelets.Please do not use delicate cutters.

Tiger Tail - is a commonly used stringing material, and does not require a needle. It has multiple wire strands and is covered with a nylon coating.

Copper Wire - is soft and flexible to be used for beads stringing, very excellent for art projects, Jewelry projects, craft projects, and more.

Cotton Wax Cord - is resistant to abrasion, durable, and pliable. This kind of cord also hangs very nicely. At Pandahall, these cords come in various thicknesses and colors and are suitable for weaving or stitching. 

Leather Cord - is always a popular stringing material as there is no finishing required. Simply add a pendant or centerpiece, tie a bow and go.

Silk Wire/Cord - is used for beads with smaller holes such as freshwater pearls and beads under 5mm. You can add a designer look by using our Tri-Cord knotter, and placing knots on either side of the pearl. Wide spectrum of colors.

Nylon Wire/Cord - is used as an all purpose bead cord. You can use Beeswax to coat the cord to keep it from fraying and tangling when it is repeatedly threaded through metal beads with sharp edges. Wide spectrum of colors. It must for seed beaders and weavers.

Using light colors against a dark bead will lighten that bead color... Dark color cord will darken a light bead. Example: White cord with Garnet bead will add to the luminosity of the bead.

Organza/Silk Ribbon - comes in a wide variety of colors that will add a classy touch to your packaging. Use it for tying up bags, bundling cards, paper, or gifts and also for ribbon embroidery and ribbon necklaces.

Suede Cord - is a kind of soft material, always being used as necklace cord. ’Faux’ suede is quite durable and less costly than suede leather.

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