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3 . How to make a payment via Paypal?

Paying through Paypal is easy. If you have a VISA or MASTERCARD, you can pay us directly through our online verification.

Step-by-Step Guide To Using Paypal:

You will be required to register as a user with Paypal to begin transactions with us. This is free and is very easy to do. Just go to www.paypal.com to open the Paypal site and then follow instructions below.

1) Register at Paypal.com
Go to http://www.paypal.com/ and become a registered user. Please follow Paypal instructions on how to do this. If you already have an account with Paypal, then proceed to step 2).

2) Send money through Paypal to [email protected]
Log into your Paypal account and click on the SEND MONEY tab and send payment to [email protected] . Be careful to put in this email address correctly, otherwise we may not see your transaction.

Enter total amount in US Dollars in the AMOUNT field. Enter your ORDER NUMBER in the NOTES field. Your invoice number is provided to you on-screen and via email after you complete your checkout with us.

Click Continue and review your information, making sure that your shipping address is correct.

3) Notify Pandahall When You Have Paid
Please note the Paypal Transaction Number once you complete payment, and advise us the transfer ID. Once payment is confirmed, we will process and prepare your order.


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